The VISX Star S4 IR laser is the state of the art in excimer lasers and the latest offering from AMO (Abbott). It is the second of the two lasers used in the iLASIK procedure and is used to reshape the cornea. We have the newest VISX laser in El Paso.

The VISX has the widest treatment parameters of any FDA approved excimer laser. It also has the advantage of being fast. Quick delivery of laser energy translates into shorter procedures and less patient anxiety.

The key features of the Star S4 IR include variable spot scanning, pupil tracking and iris registration. The iris registration feature ensures proper alignment of the treatment while pupil tracking improves safety by automatically cutting off the laser if the patient’s eye moves by more than 1 millimeter.

We use the Star S4 IR together with the Visx Wavefront device to perform custom cornea treatments based on an individual’s unique wavefront.

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