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iDesign Advanced WaveScan Studio System

Sun Laser Vision Center is the first to offer iDesign in West Texas Southern New Mexico - just part of our commitment to bringing state of the art technology to our region. iDesign is the same imaging technology that NASA is using in the new James Webb Space Telescope, set to launch in October 2018. Sun Laser Vision Center has chosen iDesign—as has NASA—because it is the most sophisticated and reliable mapping technology available today.
iDesign was just approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for use in the United States, so we are excited to finally be able to offer this advanced technology to our iLASIK patients.

What Is iDesign Advanced WaveScan Technology?
The iDesign Advanced WaveScan Studio System is an advanced 3-D mapping technology used during the preoperative iLASIK exam. It precisely measures the imperfections in your eye, such as nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), or astigmatism, or some combination of these conditions. These imperfections are what affect your vision and can usually be corrected by iLASIK. iDesign provides 5 times the resolution of earlier 3-D mapping technologies.

Based on iDesign’s ultra precise measurements, the system creates a unique 3-D map of your eye. Think of this map as a fingerprint of your eye. No two are exactly alike! That’s why the iDesign System then creates a LASIK treatment plan that is more accurate and personalized to your eye than was ever available before. Because each eye is different, iLASIK treatment should not be “one size fits all.” If it is, you can’t expect an outstanding visual outcome like you would at Loden iVision (99% of our patients see 20/20 or better after iLASIK!(1).

iDesign Is Good News for Non-LASIK Candidates!
With iDesign Advanced WaveScan technology, more people may now be eligible for iLASIK—even those who may have previously been told they did not qualify. That’s because iDesign can provide a more detailed “fingerprint” of the eye than has ever been possible with previous 3-D mapping technology. Using iDesign, our iLASIK surgeons may now be able to treat patients with higher levels of astigmatism in combination with nearsightedness and patients with a wider range of pupil sizes.

Femtosecond LASERS

The Intralase IFS is the latest iteration of the femtosecond laser used in all laser LASIK or sometimes called iLASIK. It is what we use to create the flap.
The upgraded femtosecond technology employed by the IFS allows for remarkably precise and rapid delivery of the laser energy to produce smooth LASIK flaps. Other key features of the upgraded laser include greater customization of the flap for each patient.
The size, shape, thickness and side cut angle can all be customized by the surgeon. Studies have shown that smaller, thinner and more oval shaped flaps tend to speed recovery postoperatively and reduce the risk of developing dry eye syndrome.
The Intralase IFS is a highly versatile laser. In addition to its use in LASIK, it is used for the placement of Intacs as a treatment for keratoconus or for reversible treatment of myopia. We also use the FS 150 to perform all laser full thickness or partial thickness corneal transplantation for patients with advanced corneal disease.



The VISX Star S4 IR laser is the state of the art in excimer lasers and the latest offering from AMO (Abbott). It is the second of the two lasers used in the iLASIK procedure and is used to reshape the cornea. We have the newest VISX laser in El Paso.
The VISX has the widest treatment parameters of any FDA approved excimer laser. It also has the advantage of being fast. Quick delivery of laser energy translates into shorter procedures and less patient stress.
The key features of the Star S4 IR include variable spot scanning, pupil tracking and iris registration. The iris registration feature ensures proper alignment of the treatment while pupil tracking improves safety by automatically cutting off the laser if the patient’s eye moves by more than 1 millimeter.
We use the Star S4 IR together with the Visx Wavefront device to perform custom cornea treatments based on an individual’s unique wavefront.

Alcon Wavelight Excimer

The wavelight excimer lasUntitled10er is one of the newest excimers to be developed. It features the fastest ablation times of any excimer and can be used to perform either wavefront optimized or wavefront gided treatments. Like the VISX it feature pupil tracking for enhanced safety. It also tends to remove slightly less tissue for the same amount of vision correction.
Beginning in 2015 we will be able to use the EX500 Wavelight to perform topography guided treatments for patients with abnormal corneas. This can significantly improve the vision quality in patients with diseases such as corneal ectasia and keratconus when combined with corneal cross linking. It can also be used to improve vision in patients with irregular astigmatism from prior decentered ablations and RK (radial keratotomy).


VISX Star S4 IR laser & Alcon Wavelight Excimer

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