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Intacs are FDA approved for the management of keratoconus through a compassionate device exemption. They have been shown in some studies to slowUntitled12 or halt progression in some patients. They can also significantly improve corneal curvature in most patients and help improve contact lens tolerability and fit. Generally most patients receiving Intacs will continue to need to wear glasses and or contacts even when the treatment is successful. Patients are cautioned to keep in mind that the results with Intacs placement is highly variable. Some patients will experience marked improvement in corneal regularization, while others may have minimal if any effect. In aggregate we see a little more than 2 diopters of corneal flattening and up to 50% reduction in astigmatism measurements.
The best candidates for Intacs have no significant corneal scarring, have a thickness of 450 microns in the incision site and are not progressing. Patients who may not be candidates for cross linking may still be candidates for Intacs.
The procedure is fairly short. We us a femtosecond laser to make channels within the cornea usually about 70-80% of the corneal depth. This process takes about 30 seconds. After which the Intacs are mechanically placed within the corneal tissue under stile conditions. The procedure is performed in our laser suite. There is little down time from work and patients can often return to work the next day. A suture is placed in the cornea that is removed 1 month after the surgery. Generally the vision is stable enough in about 1-2 months after the procedure to fit new glasses or a contact lens.

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